Systems of superior ease.
Elegantly and intelligently hidden from view.
Where no one would expect.

Safe to assume that your boardrooms interior is superb? That your deluxe meeting rooms are fitted to a tee? Then chances are you're not looking for audio-visual equipment to become their new focal point. Flat panels, screens and projectors ought to be hidden from view.
No more than a remote control is required to activate the equipment. Your flat panel or projection screen descends from a recess in the ceiling. Or rises up from the floor or tabletop. Your presentation can begin. Rear projection is another option. No need to darken the room. No speaker's shadow interfering. Noiselessly. With an invisible projector. Securely hidden from uninvited guests.


Boardroom solutions

Projector ceiling lift systems

Integration of projectors in ceilings in for example a boardroom.

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Ceiling mounts for projectors

Ultimate flexibility,
with the Audipack ceiling mounts

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Silencing housings for projectors

Nothing better than an presentation where the projector
is not the loudest attendant in the room...

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Mirror-Kit systems for projectors

Integration of projectors in the ceiling in boardrooms

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Flat panel ceiling mounts

Audipack's ceiling mounts are durable mounting solutions,
with the advantages of height and angle adjustment of the flat panels

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Wall mounts for flat panels

Flexible, strong and innovative wall mounts for flat panels

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Wall arms for flat panels

Enjoy your flat panel from any position with
Audipack's strong, stable and flexible flat panel wall arms

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Floor to ceiling solutions for flat panels

Create a free standing situation 
in any configuration.

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Pop up lift systems for flat panels

Reveal your screen in no time out of a cabinet, dresser, kitchen etc.
Audipack offers a wide range of pop up lift systems for flat panels.

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Fold down ceiling lift systems

Ever thought of hiding your flat panel after use?
Audipack has a wide range of flat panel fold down ceiling lift systems.

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