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Types of transport- and flightcases

Transport & flightcases, start with the right base



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The Audipack Packer® is a true revolution in small, ultra-light, custom made transport cases and can be manufactured in almost every size for many applications. Besides its unique, modern design, the Packer® distinguishes itself from other cases because the stability and ultra-light weight construction. The Packer is available in any configuration and colour finishing!
Technical specifications:

  • Max. load 8 Kg
  • Available as transport case (surface mounted latches and hinges)
  • Panel thickness 4 mm
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    Top-line® transport and flightcases are an unique appearance during durable packaging. The Top-line® is an  exclusive, registered design, giving users the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the rest. The Top-line® cases are provided with glass fiber reinforced corners and is the perfect protection for camera’s, laptops, vulnerable medical equipment, etc. The Top-line® cases offers you ultimate protection for your vulnerable equipment with the best end nicest design available.
    Technical specifications:

    • Max. load 35 Kg
    • Available as transportcase and flightcase
    • Panel thickness 7 mm



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    Solid frame SF7

    The SF7 also known as the Solid frame 7 is comparable with the construction method of the Top-Line® flightcase only suited with metal corner parts and finishing’s instead of the modern fiberglass accessories. The strong metal corners and solid construction still offers a relatively light weight case that meets the requirements of intensive transport.
    Technical specifications:

    • Max. load 35 Kg
    • Available as transportcase and flightcase
    • Panel thickness 7 mm



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    Heavy duty flightcases

    The Audipack heavy duty flightcases are the well-known cases that Audipack is building for 30 years. This range of flightcases are mainly used in  AV rental and pro-audio applications. From LED video walls to high end video camera’s; the Audipack heavy duty flightcases stand for their job. This concept of cases is available in a wide range of possibilities such as: shock absorbed racks suitable for hard drive components or other fragile equipment, lift systems to lift heavy screens and projectors, etc.
    Technical specifications:

    • Max. load 500 Kg
    • Available as tansport- and flightcase
    • Panel thickness 7-19 mm





    The interior provides the functionality!

    Audipack designs and manufactures the interiors of all transport- and flightcases confirm the users wishes in combination with the Audipack skills.

    Foam interiors

    For optimal protection the products get fully foamed inside the case, the contours of the product is cut into the foam so the valuable products are protected very well during transport. This method is suitable for lenses, cameras, tools, etc.

    Interior compartments

    A very common way of protect products inside the flightcase is through place several dividers. With foamed dividers we create several compartments so the products fits in perfectly. We can also create several compartments in different sizes for accessories. Projectors, flat panels, camera’s laptops etc. are safe packed through this solution.

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    Silk screening

    The logo screening is one of the features Audipack offers and can be performed on any size transport or flight-case. The silk-screening is an in-house process will be added on the case-components during the manufacturing of the transport and flight cases. Besides the wide range of colour options a 3-colour screening per image can be achieved

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    Another way of displaying your company logo or safety signs, can be done by engraving.
    With a CNC controlled production method, we can engrave your company logo and safety signs direct in the panels of the transport- or flightcase. The advantage of this method is that the logo’s are less vulnerable for scratches etc.

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    Different from permanent logo screening or engraving Audipack also offers custom vinyl stickers and digitally printed logo’s etc. 

    It is possible to supply the art work or let us design your art work. From custom graphics to simple warning signs, we have the experience to design and apply with almost no design or color limits.