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Quick standard product range



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19” flightcases

The 19” flightcases are well built and strong flightcases with built-in racking strips on the front; optional also on the back of the case for supporting heavier equipment. Even shock absorbing solutions are available.
The front and back lids are easy to remove to gain access to your equipment and cable connections.
In the 10/10 versions a standard water seal is provided at the lids.
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Standard projector cases

Protect your projector during transport or rental use. Audipack manufactures tailor made transport- and flightcases for any brand and type projector. By Audipack tailor made means: tailored to your convenience! Standard possibilities are trolley model, colour and logo screening, separate compartments for such as lens, laptop and several accessories such as cables.
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Flat panel cases

Don't go unprepared! With the Audipack Flat panel floor stand cases you have al the equipment for a nice presentation in just 1 flightcase. The flat panel is well protected in a foam interior and the Audipack floor stand is packed in a separate tray. In the back there is a compartment for accessories! Thè most perfect rental combination! 
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Take your presentations to a higher level with an Audipack Liftomatic.
The all-in-one solution for transporting and presentations with bigger projectors. The only effort required is taking off the lid and connecting the Liftomatic to a power outlet; the integrated lift raises the projector to presentation height.
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FP Liftomatic

Remove the top and lift the screen to presentation height!
The universal FLM flightcases are standard provided with an integrated lift system. The flightcases are available in several standard sizes, 40-42, 46-50 en 52-55 inch or even bigger. Easily remove the top and connect the flightcase to the power supply and lift the screen to presentation height. In the flightcase is also a compartment for accessories.
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Mobile studios

Create your mobile registration- and editing workstation! Audipack has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing of mobile registration- and editing workstations. All your 19"equipment in one reach in just one flightcase on any location! In co-operation with the user of the flightcase the flightcase is designed to advance the best protection and functionality. After opening the flightcase all the build in equipment is very easy to access, ready to use!
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