Soundbar for Samsung QM85D with touch overlay

Ref.: LSS-1950SB

Stereo soundbar speaker system suitable for installing below a (merk) + (type).

The perfect audio add-on for the (merk) + (type) screen directly to the wall or in combination with an Audipack wall lift. With it's modern aluminium anodized housing and black front a modern and welcom addition to the screen and audiovisual application. The soundbar is made to match the screen in width and simply belongs to the screen.
The passive speaker can be connected to any standard amplifier. Equipped with high quality european quality 4" reference full-range driver audio components.
In combination with a LSS-SW subwoofer a remarkable audio set.

Modern design
Very good sound
Perfect fitted to your screen

1 - soundbar - algemeen
2 - Soundbar in situation
4 - Soundbar in situation
5 - Soundbar in situation
6 - Soundbar detail inside

Max. power 2 x 30 watts RMS at 8 Ohm
Frequency 70Hz-20K Hz
Dimensions W1904 x H147 x D143 mm
Standard colour aluminium anodized with black front

Modern design
Very good sound
Perfect fitted to your screen

Dimensions including packaging (mm): 2030x600x430
Weight including packaging (Kg): 46
Type of packaging: Pallet 76kg (120x80x34cm incl. ufpro-V400B)

Disclaimer: These values are subject to change.