Digital signage

Digital signage stimulates buying-impulses
in stores and shopping malls.

Installing flat panels in public areas requires good preparation. Audipack is happy to work with you from beginning to end. To come up with aesthetic solutions. Visual consistency. Regardless of water pipes, cable raceways, ventilation ducts or sprinkler systems.
Good preparation means less installation time - and lower costs. That's extra value you get with Audipack.
We provide monitor and projector mounting accessories for signposting and advertising. Indoor and outdoor. Suited to the particular shape of a building or interior. Starting with a prototype if necessary.


Digital signage solutions

Video wall systems

Create a video wall in any configuration in a very short time!
The most solid and adjustable video wall systems available!

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Multimedia kiosk and display systems

Let your message speak for itself with the Eye-Point!
The most perfect solution in any environment!

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Outdoor housings for flat panels

The Audipack outdoor housings finishes and protects your flat panels
in outdoor applications.

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Indoor housings for flat panels

Master of disquise, brand and protect your screens!
Commercialize your flat panels!

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Flat panel ceiling mounts

Audipack's ceiling mounts are durable mounting solutions,
with the advantages of height and angle adjustment of the flat panels

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Wall mounts for flat panels

Flexible, strong and innovative wall mounts for flat panels
Suitable for any situation!

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Outdoor housings for projectors

The Audipack outdoor housings protects your projectors against
theft and weather conditions in outdoor applications.

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