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Audipack can fulfill your wishes with a variety of options. Ranging from standard concepts like nice designed mounting and lift systems.

Even the most perfect designed flatscreen or projector fails to meet an interior.
So most people would say. The larger the screen, the greater the need to conceal it. Many are looking for a solution to hide a flat panel or projector from view. Unique, custom-made solutions. Specifically for your interior.

With the push of a button your flat panel pops up from a recess, or rises up out of a dresser. Or your screen folds down from the ceiling to the perfect viewing angle. Or your projector raises down from you ceiling. Audipack has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable lift systems for home cinema situations.

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Home cinema solutions

Pop up lift systems for flat panels

Reveal your screen in no time out of a cabinet, dresser, kitchen etc.
Audipack offers a wide range of pop up lift systems for flat panels.

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Fold down ceiling lift systems

Ever thought of hiding your flat panel after use?
Audipack has a wide range of flat panel fold down ceiling lift systems

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Floor lift systems for flat panels

Let your audiovisual equipment dissapear in no time after use!
Easliy lift and rotate a flat panel up to 108"

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Vertical ceiling lift systems

Hide any flat panel after use with the Audipack vertical ceiling lift systems.
Available for any size of screen.

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Wall arms for flat panels

Enjoy your flat panel from any position with
Audipack's strong, stable and flexible flat panel wall arms

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Wall mounts for flat panels

Flexible, strong and innovative wall mounts for flat panels

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