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For many years Audipack has been active on the back ground in the racing scenery. Also the victory behind the scenes counts; planning, organization, well packed parts and communication. Everything should be at it’s place and that always on the right moment. Audipack helps organizing or optimizing your paddock and reaches out to help packing your vulnerable items.

Audipack introduces “Paddock convenience”.

There’s no 2nd place, it’s all about teamwork and victory.

All your equipment is tuned and prepared on your way of use, your achievement; but it can always be better!
Efficiency, user friendliness, speed of use, overview; these are essential characteristics for your team members and materials to improve the overall functioning. Do not only invest in people and high-end parts, but also in logistic items.


Racing solutions

Transport- and flightcases

Audipack designs and manufactures innovative transport- and flightcases for racing purposes.

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Privacy walls

Paddock convenience!
Audipack designs and manufactures Privacy walls for your paddock!

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Liftomatic systems for flat panels

Transport your vulnerable screen in a solid flightcase.
And l
ift your screen out of the flightcase on location! 

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Floor stand and supports

Set your screen in no time on any location on any height!
Audipack offers solid and easy installation floor stands.  

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