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Custom build flightcases



The flightcases are available in many different models. The below listed models are most common used models and can direct you in choosing the right transport or flightcase to work with.
Simply select the desired build model and inform us with your equipment and way of use.
Download the brochure and pre-select specific parts and components that should be used.

Type B

Hinged lid on top.

Type E

Detachable lid on top. Low body, high lid.

Type K

Detachable lids on front and back. Suitable for 19” solutions; wheel plate is optional.

Type M

Detachable lid, with high body.

Type J

Detachable or hinged lid on front.

Type L

Detachable lid on front; Including loading ramp.

Type BK

Hinged lid on top and detachable lids on front and back.

Type KM

Detachable front and back lid incl. top.

Type JM

Detachable lids on top and front.

Type TB

Removable double dividable top lids, low bottom.